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Intelligent Reliable Team Securitas

As you may aware that IRT is well known for its quality services in India. Quality not just to say but to keep your life well secured & safe from every hassle. IRT has stepped forward with courage and decided for all industrialist & non-industrial those have deployed security or not to provide security personnel.

These can be utilized for industries, residences, offices or for personal security. We, therefore, invite you to set you step with IRT to make the present security standard into INTERNATIONAL STANDARD so that a perfect security environment around you is achieved.

These steps IRT have taken on the suggestions of their esteemed clients, where IRT have been working from a long period.

We would like to highlight the fact that we are a Gurgaon based security agency, with 24 hours operational wireless control rooms, patrolling jeeps and control rooms equipped with QRT (Quick Response Team) in Surat Nagar-2, Sec-104, Gurgaon.


We thank you very much for according us the opportunity to introduce as one of the leading and most professional security organization operating in North India. Our Professional security constancy can offer the most complete and flexible range of security services.

We have pleasure in giving to you details of the services that IRT provides in India and in particular our guarding services. IRT has a strong presence in National Capital Region and is giving the services to around 60 corporate in this region. We have a force of over 1500-1600 personnel.


1. To safeguard the industries against any workers problems.

2. To be cost effective by providing efficient dedicated and intelligent .

3. Provides autonomy of its client for any increase / decrease in the no. of work force without any retaliation from any works men.

4. To cover up all the risk responsibility of the employee in case of any miss happening.

5. To ensure stipulated production as may be desired by the management time to time under strict supervision.

6. To encourage the industrial communities right man power.


We are convinced that supervision is equally important in order to provide quality service. In this regard, we have a strong operations team comprising of Managers, Inspectors and Patrol Supervisors who are constantly checking our assignments and guards.

The IRT has earned its credibility in the NCR market of the largest provider of high level professional guarding services with emphasis on quality, its ability to service a client anywhere in the country through its high network and its customer attention. We thank you once again for the opportunity to submit our proposals and would like to assure that we are in a strong position to offer the level of security and the quality of service that you are looking for.

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